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An Inbound/Outbound Information Hotline

VOLO’s Bulletin Board™ provides your company with an interactive message retrieval system designed specifically for emergency situations. As an enhancement to VOLO’s outbound communications capabilities VOLO’s Bulletin Board system provides executives and employees the ability to post and retrieve important (and even secure) voice messages from anywhere in the world. Volo’s Bulletin Board provides the ultimate “fail-safe” even in the most extreme circumstances by assuring two-way communication can continue.

An always on, web-based backup phone system.

VOLO’s Virtual Switchboard is a cloud based PBX phone system that will field calls into your phone system in the event that system goes down or becomes unavailable for any reason. Volo managed Calls can be routed to employees at pre-designated alternate numbers including mobile phones, VOIP, back-up land lines, or any other available phones. All call flows and menu options available to your callers through the VOLO system can be easily programmed to mirror your current phone system. With VOLO's customizable “always-on” system, unlimited numbers of hunt groups can be created to support a selectable call flow with maximum flexibility. From your team’s (and customer’s) perspective, any unplanned communication failure, or forced relocation can be managed to allow your operations to experience “business as usual”.

A high-speed outbound notification system capable of broadcasting voice, text, email, and automated survey messages.

High-speed notification is one of the most powerful tools available to management in disaster recovery scenarios. VOLO’s ability to easily deliver hundreds or even thousands of messages to your employees/team members within seconds makes the difference when trying to avoid chaos during a crisis. Because you never know where you will be when you need to initiate an emergency notification, VOLO makes it easy to launch messages from any phone, smart device, or web connected computer. High speed, intuitive design and unmatched reliability combine to make VOLO an indispensable part of your BC/DR toolkit.

Automatic and geographically precise severe weather monitoring and warning.

VOLO’s comprehensive solution includes around the clock monitoring and alerting for severe weather events throughout the USA. VOLO will notify your staff whenever severe weather is targeting their specific location. To achieve the highest measure of accuracy, the system taps into the National Weather Service's Storm Based Warning System to interpret weather bulletins and use polygon methodology to generate geographically precise notifications. Messages are initiated automatically by the VOLO system, with no need for human interaction - providing precious extra time for your teams to prepare.

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